Hey William J. Kelly - why don't you SHUT UP?

Now Kelly is calling for "Chairman Brady" to "disavow" the "Dodge/Topinka smear campaign"....why Brady should disavow something that doesn't exist is beyond me...the "smear campaign" is something -like his popularity and fabricated polling numbers-that Kelly has manufactured...much like Axelrod's PK and Media manufactures news.  Martin Janis is the Topinka equivalent of AKP&D Message and Media.  How can you "smear someone with the truth? How can someone be smeared with information they themselves put out on the internet?

Here's a question for you - where do you suppose "Low Blow Joe" came from?

It came from Nancy Kimme...and there is your Topinka connection...it goes right back to Kelly.  BINGO.

Bill can call and cry to whoever he wants at this point...the more he blabbers, the more he is revealing.
If Kelly does something stupid, I'm going to call attention to it.  He wants people that criticize him to shut up...which is all the more reason to raise objections to the schtick.

Nice job, Bill, say hi to Nancy from the REAL conservatives that Judy hates!!!

Todd Stroger vetoes Cook County sales tax ROLL BACK

Surrounded by union members, Stroger said, "I refuse to stand idle while opposition commissioners continue to decimate the health care system."

In 2008, Stroger championed the penny-on-the-dollar increase in Cook County's sales tax. But last week, the Cook County Board voted overwhelmingly, 12-5, to reduce the sales tax from 1.75% to 1.25%.

Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica said the 2010 budget passed last week already includes the half-penny rollback and there are no shortfalls.

Todd Stroger's bullying people with threats regarding backlash at the polls; his dire predictions about how the health care system is on the verge of collapse; and his using lawyers to investigate the constitutionality of the new law that restricts his veto power; merely demonstrate Stroger's desperation.

Todd Stroger vetoes roll back in Cook County sales tax

what a weird ad - Andy McKenna's "hair today gone tomorrow"

The fixation with hair is rather weird, although Blago was famous for his. Quite a few of the others are either bald or have consistently bad hair days...but what does that have to do with the problems we're having?

The focus here is off the mark.

Cops Investigate Break In At North Side Campaign Office

Just received a message from Steve Ruggiero, William J. Kelly’s campaign manager.

Police investigate scene at GOP candidate for comptroller’s office
At 3:30PM William J. Kelly, candidate for Illinois comptroller, and his campaign manager, Steve Ruggiero, arrived at their campaign office at 1000 N. Milwaukee (Wheeling) to discover it had been forcibly broken into. Missing items of political relevance include ward maps with campaign information and a list of volunteers. Other missing items include some equipment, champagne and cigars. Kelly has filed a police report and the police have dusted for fingerprints and are searching for possible suspects.
“The police are conducting an investigation; we don’t know if the break-in was politically motivated, however, politically sensitive items were removed from our office. Regardless, this campaign is and always has been a campaign of reform vs. corruption. If anyone thinks that this break-in will intimidate me, they don’t know me very well - it will only make me campaign harder,” said Kelly.
More information about William J. Kelly’s campaign can be found here.

Update: ABC Local's short blurb on it is here.

Hinsdale's Land Grab for Soccer Fields; Destroying Forest Preserve Land

It's not really "destroying" forest preserve land, but in the end, it has that effect.  Clout Street - Cook County Forest Preserve Board continuing negotiating controversial land lease

It's a proposal for Hinsdale to enter a 30-year lease and invest a whopping $2 million of taxpayer dollars in the land, which was split off from the rest of Bemis Woods when the tollway was built. Hinsdale would then join them with walking and biking paths.

An excerpt:
allowing Hinsdale to add the soccer fields to the forest preserve land would violate the district’s policy. District staff had come to the same conclusion.

But commissioners voted 9-4 to continue the negotiations, saying the final plan could be devised in a way that's in keeping with the district’s mission of preserving natural lands for recreational use.
Sure it could.  In Elgin, they're looking to do away with the Lord's Park Zoo - even though the Zoo had withstood more hard times than these.  It's difficult to imagine why certain individuals can't just leave our parks alone and deal with what we have.  Forest Preserve land doesn't need bureaucratic "improvements"; we should stop inventing ways to squander taxpayer money and deal with the problems that we have full-on.  Somebody stands to make money off of this, you can be sure - at the expense of taxpayers.

What Are Visitors from Rogers Park News Bench Coming Here Searching for Peraica For?

I don't have anything up on Peraica yet, but if you wait a little bit, I just might.

Thanks to the visitors of Rogers Park News Bench for stopping by, and thanks to Rogers Park News Bench for adding this blog to the blog roll.

Cook County Clerk charged with Bribe, Theft and Corruption

Thanks to the Examiner, we learn that

Angelo Colon, 47, serving in the capacity of Assistant Cook County Circuit Court Clerk, was arrested by the Cook County State's Attorney Investigators October 6th for solicitiation of a bribe, theft, and official corruption.  The charges stem from his allegedly promising a Texas woman that if she paid $13,000, he would bribe a judge to get her husband, charged with drug trafficking, released.

You'd think he was working for ACORN.

Her husband is charged with drug trafficking. This alleged crime was part of an ongoing criminal enterprise conducted between September 2008 and January 2009.  He is at Cook County's Department of Corrections, and bail was set at $150,000.
Colon has been a clerk at the Circuit Court for 10 years and is assigned to the criminal clerk's office at the criminal court complex, 26th and California.

Clerk of the Court, Dorothy Brown, at a press conference on other matters, stated that his behavior was unacceptable and she is working within the union contract for employees to suspend Colon.
So Colon IS a union worker!

See more at the Chicago Trib

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